Universal Macro Lens Phone 100 mm

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APEXEL HD optic camera phone lens 100mm macro lens 10x super macro lenses for iPhonex xs max Samsung s9 all smartphone


1. High-end series products, more high-definition than ordinary lenses.
2. The design concept comes from the Chinese tea ceremony, the tea cup as the lens appearance.

3. Non-slip locomotive clips, the built-in bezel’s ingenious design can protect your phone from being scratched.

4. With silicone case and portable bag, it is convenient for your shooting when you go out, while protecting the lens.

5. In addition, the lens can be sold in a combination or a single lens.

6. Compatible with Almost Single and Dual-camera Phones.


Magnification: 100mm macro
Lens Construction: 2 element in 2 group
The shot distance is between 40~70mm

Package includes:

Macro Lens x 1
Lens Cap x 2
Universal clip X 1
Carrying bag X 1
Cleaning cloth X 1
User manual X 1
Retail box x 1

Item picture:

This is a new designed high quality HD macro lens, it allows your phone to get good image as a SLR


Universal Phone 100 mm Macro LensUniversal Phone 100 mm Macro LensUniversal Phone 100 mm Macro LensUniversal Phone 100 mm Macro LensUniversal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

Independent original design
Carefully crafted only to make excellent high quality products

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

Make the Best Use Of Your Mobile Phone Camera

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

The 100mm macro lens is designed with a large
aperture to make the point light appear nearly
round blurring effect, and at the same time, it can
also bring a soft and natural blur effect to macro shooting.

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

The shooting distance is about 40-70mm, which makes it very convenient for you to capture the beauty in the micro world

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

Real shot by apexel 100mm macro lens

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

The 100mm macro lens can be used together with the CPL and star filter
CPL—Removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water to enhance color saturation.
Star Filter—creates a star pattern, in which lines radiate outward from bright objects. Star filter adds a dramatic cross flare to very bright areas. ldeal for photographs of night scene and ladies wearing jewelery or other objects with strong reflections.

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

Steps to install the lens:

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

Nice packing– portable and convenient, you can take it anywhere you want. Go!

Universal Phone 100 mm Macro Lens

Additional information

Brand Name




Phone Camera Type

Zoom Len



Model Number

Phone Camera Lens

Compatible Brand

Apple iPhones


100mm macro lens


with retail box




highest quality optical glass

Compatible with

For iPhone/HTC/Samsung and others mobile phone



95 reviews for Universal Macro Lens Phone 100 mm

    19 October 2021
    Great for close-up shots in good
    18 October 2021
    Packed well, there is a cover, the lens is closed with caps, the first photos on the ambulance please.
    18 October 2021
    Good qulity. Came to iPhone 12 Pro Max
    15 October 2021
    Loved! Bought for shooting my work, and met my expectations. The clip really looks fragile, indicate buy a spare or handle with care, the lens is pesadinha but maravilhosaaa. Fotitas made with lens:
    15 October 2021
    It is difficult to capture the desired area in places. Star filter is for some reason only a rim, not in the entire filter area. Polarik works, the design is metal, tight, everything is as it should.
    13 October 2021
    Extend the lens, as mentioned in the publication. I arrive in Argentina in 10 days, but the Mail delivered it after 2 months. Very consistent with the lens.
    12 October 2021
    Very good for the macro works as they say in the publication, the quality is very good
    9 October 2021
    It came pretty quickly. 1 photo set 2 pics 48mp Redmi Note 8pro 3 pics with lens on the same camera
    5 October 2021
    On iphone11 came perfectly. For amateur photos is quite suitable.
    19 September 2021
    We can make pretty pictures close up,
    9 September 2021
    Excellent lens, beautiful bokeh. Practically no abberations. Thread for filters 37mm. The only nuance is a small inner diameter of the inlet hole, gives a vignette.
    9 September 2021
    Absolutely fantastic lens! Great build quality, clear and smooth. Love it!
    7 September 2021
    6 September 2021
    Buen lente
    5 September 2021
    Very good
    4 September 2021
    4 September 2021
    Excelente lens!
    4 September 2021
    Macrolens is sharp, but on my phone it would be necessary to have a bigger diameter of the lens that is worn on the phone. At the edges of the frame you can see strong vignetting and you have to frame the photo.
    2 September 2021
    Lovely lense Nice quality
    2 September 2021
    I’m not excited, but I hope that’ll be helpful is some parts to of shooting
    2 September 2021
    I asked for the macro lens for a Samsung S10 mobile, I just released it and it looks great. It's very simple to install! Here a picture of skin with the lens, the difference between using it and not. I will continue to test it! Very happy with the purchase
    1 September 2021
    Product magnificent, great quality
    1 September 2021
    28 August 2021
    Cool thing. I put my wife on the iPhone 6s Plus-I'm happy. Photographs butterflies and flies))
    24 August 2021
    Excelente lo estuve esperando se demoraron poco pero aquí el correo tuvo problemas
    23 August 2021
    One of the best macro lenses for the phone!
    18 August 2021
    All well packaged and protected! Arrived very fast and am satisfied.
    17 August 2021
    Lente es optima para macrofotografia sin necesidad de acercarse en exceso como con otras lentes mas sencillas. la recibí hoy no he tenido tiempo de testearla a fondo pero las fotos que saque hasta el momento van muy bien
    15 August 2021
    Excellent lens, what you need when you do not want to carry a heavy camera with you. In the photo pictures using lenses and CPL filter. It is not quite clear why in the macro shooting filter star, but I will try and find the application. Of the minuses-a limited line of capture of the focus, because of which it turns out to cover only a separate part of the object, or to pick up a distance in this.
    13 August 2021
    Good lens for macro. Thanks
    10 August 2021
    8 August 2021
    Wonderful, tough and focus well
    7 August 2021
    Very good, excellent I liked it very much
    6 August 2021
    Lens with a excellent construction. Did a quick test comparing with Apexel 0.45 + macro I already own. Using a object 4cm and distance of 5cm, the difference between the two lenses is very considerable. Received the package in 9 days calendar and well packed. Recommend D +
    6 August 2021
    I'm stunned about the quality of this macro lens. I hadn't even dreamt about this is possible for a smartphone add on lens. The details are clear, colors bright, adjustment very easy (1:1, 16:9)(Huawei p30 lite). I take the lens now with me at every walk. Awesome product. Thanks so much Next one will be the 30-80 macro lens.
    6 August 2021
    Quality lens. On the edges there is almost no distortion, the background is beautifully blurred. Photos for five-year Xiaomi Mi5. You have to remove the cover, otherwise the corners are darkened. Polarizing filter does not give much difference, took it to protect the lens from scratches. One minus-it sometimes reflects the camera of the phone, it is well visible in the last photo. If the filter will not remove reflections.
    3 August 2021
    Excellent product, I recommend, arrived earlier than planned on the platform.
    31 July 2021
    Cool lens! The parcel is only all crumpled, as if the legs were kicked, but the goods are whole!
    30 July 2021
    Wonderful lens, made really well, also quite heavy, that is not a defect, but rather of a good lens index, satisfied!!
    29 July 2021
    Increases well.
    29 July 2021
    Good quality product
    29 July 2021
    Quality at altitude! But I have an iPhone 11, and macro and without a lens is good, especially not impressed! The first photo with a lens, a photo with a zoom without a lens! I waited for more on reviews! It came quickly in Pyaterochka
    29 July 2021
    It works
    28 July 2021
    21 July 2021
    Arrived on time. Packaging in good condition, only with a small dent, but the product came perfect.
    21 July 2021
    Nice lens. My son tried it on cactus. It is a little difficult to focus with it on moving objects, but feasible.
    15 July 2021
    Ótimo produto. Chegou muito rápido.
    14 July 2021
    + Beautiful bokeh, colors -Focus is not adjustable, so the sharpness is exclusively at a certain distance from the lens-about 5 cm... Therefore, now I do not really understand how much star filter is needed for blurring) Cool glass on the pamper and record a few macro photos and videos for storis in the IG. No more. How to take a picture of him, as many people write here, I do not quite understand. There is only a burr in detail you can photo) I attach a photo with a picture. On the left-just on the phone, on the right-together with the lens. And, I did not frame the photo with the lens, for understanding what area can fit into the image. the sizes of the game, the colossal and the seeds of ne, I,
    13 July 2021
    Lens gun
    1 July 2021
    EXCELENTE PRODUTO. Muito orgulhosa e feliz. EXCELENTE MESMO, VALE MUITO A PENA E A ENTREGA FOI SUPER RÁPIDA. Ainda estou aprendendo usar
    30 June 2021
    Fit really well on VIVO x60 Pro. photos without black border and good quality. Sometimes need to go to Pro mode to stop the autofocus
    29 June 2021
    Amazing filter, I like to make macro photo and it's what I was looking for
    29 June 2021
    Great lense, almost feel like one on a dslr even if you gotta be very still when shooting ;) exited to try it outdoor, will change my life while shooting insects and small flowers
    27 June 2021
    Works well with Xiaomi 9T, good macro.
    24 June 2021
    Good pic quality. takes a little time to set up
    22 June 2021
    Excellent product and quality, arrived ahead of expected and without details
    19 June 2021
    This lens is awesome! I feel almost like I'm using my big camera, just with the convenience of having it in my pocket all the time.
    17 June 2021
    Great quality, easy to install and it does deliver beautiful macro shots. The macro I’m posting it’s from glaze application over test tiles
    17 June 2021
    Very satisfied, though you can't put both lenses and don't see differences with and without filters. The only obbiettivo would be fine to me. Pictures made with Samsung A3 2016 (Old Man mobile phone).
    14 June 2021
    Wow!!! So happy with it! Amazing quality!!! Highly recommended.
    14 June 2021
    Lens chic!!! Quality macro at altitude! For Masters beauty spheres is an excellent find!
    10 June 2021
    Arrived fast and in perfect condition, and the product is amazing
    10 June 2021
    The lens is very cool, it is necessary to still fit, but it is already visible how high it is. The box came pleasant, but inside everything was whole, complete with a napkin and a pouch, the parcel came to the pacomat. Everything is super!
    8 June 2021
    5 June 2021
    Probably you need to adjust the light, not always small details focus. Phone iPhone XR
    1 June 2021
    I loved great quality pictures very closely
    28 May 2021
    Delivery very fast and before time, great lens quality! Very happy
    28 May 2021
    28 May 2021
    28 May 2021
    I highly advise 1550r is not cheap, but this lens really does its job!
    27 May 2021
    Like the lens! Great quality. Arrived very quickly.
    26 May 2021
    Amei! lente perfeita para detalhes pequenos
    25 May 2021
    Very satisfied with the macro lens. Cheaper than wing 100 selling in Brazil and provides excellent photos. However, depending on the device, if very thick, she not slope 100% lens. In my Bison is so, but not realized Miss quality.
    24 May 2021
    I did not test the "moment" from the states and 15 thousand, but compared to Sirui for 4-5 thousand did not find strong differences. Good glass for your money. I also took a set with a macro for 700 rubles-but there distortion around the edges. Although just for the horizon, you can also try.
    24 May 2021
    Well received
    21 May 2021
    Excellent lens. you need to get to it
    19 May 2021
    18 May 2021
    Perfectly packed everything. Everything is thoughtful. Photo Fire
    15 May 2021
    Exactly what is published
    13 May 2021
    Lenses are amazing
    8 May 2021
    Excellent quality and very fast delivery! Recommend
    8 May 2021
    All perfect spectacular photos
    8 May 2021
    Very good quality lens, happy with the purchase :)
    8 May 2021
    Very good Quality is exelent as is the range of vision Photos taken with a redmi note 7
    7 May 2021
    It really is perfect for what I need, and I arrive in very good time, well packed, I'm delighted
    6 May 2021
    Exce lens lens, all in order order I arrive very fast
    2 May 2021
    The product is perfect from design to use I recommend for photo enthusiasts
    2 May 2021
    I did not like the combination with the iPhone, which has three cameras behind.
    30 April 2021
    I thought it had more macros power
    30 April 2021
    Very boaaa! The photos look perfect
    30 April 2021
    This lens is fire, you just need to learn how to shoot it qualitatively!) on the phone huavei shot.
    28 April 2021
    Shipment dotarła not very quickly, leather could up this expected. Thankfully came whole, nothing was damaged and seems that works just like should. Need przybliżać smartphone for several cm lest łapał focus, you need have this in mind.
    27 April 2021
    27 April 2021
    Good price! Arrive in Italy about 3 weeks, fast! Works very well, easy to use. I'm glad! I bought to make the photo of nails. Recommend!!!!!!!)))
    24 April 2021
    Cool, the lens, removes well.

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