Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

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Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning



1.Adjustable 5 Steps to Clean and Improve your Skin
A.1st Step: Extract Blackhead for Oil Skin
B.2nd Step: Remove Blackhead for Normal Skin
C.3rd Step: Eliminate Black Dots for Dry and Sensitive Skin
D.4th Step: Blue Light – Anti-inflammatory sterilization
E.5th Step: Red Light – Tender and Whiten Skin
2.LED Dynamic Display Screen: Clear to see Steps, Battery Power, Using Time and Light Color Information.
3.Stand-up Base Design: Easy to Place Anywhere as a Crafts
4.5 Types of Beauty Suckers: To Satisfied Various Peoples Need to Clean the Blackhead, Acne, Comedones and so on.Package:

Blackhead Remover x1

Micro USB Cable x1

Beauty Suckers x5

User Manual[HIGH QUALITY]: Your Professional Blackhead Remover – The latest generation blackhead remover has a stronger suction power and cleanses your skin deeper. Treat stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, remove dead skin, oil and makeup residue, smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin, but does not go with closed blackheads
[MULTIFUNCTIONAL]: Suction levels for all types of skins-The lowest suction power is suitable for sensitive skin, it will improve the surface blackheads; 3 Aspiration Intensities and Red & Blu Ray Massage Modes of Blackhead Remover, Level 1: For Sensitive Skin. Level 2: Remove blackheads, oil and make-up residues. Level 3: to remove stubborn blackheads, acne, etc. (Try to use your hands to know the appropriate suction power)

[5 REPLACEABLE HEADS]: Especially: Red & Build Ray massage head after sucking; Small hole head: Remove blackheads, it has a weaker suction, which is suitable for sensitive skin, Big Hole Head: it has stronger suction, which is suitable for stubborn blackheads; Oval Hole Head: Reduce the micro-cracks at the corners of your eyes and make your skin smooth and firm;

[LED display and long standby time]: How much power leaves and how level the suction is can easily be displayed on the screen. High-quality lithium battery cell, charging 2 hours, you can use 180 minutes, suitable for travel. In the meantime, high-end package is a great choice to send your family, friends as a gift, is made of ABS material and CE, FCC, RoHS certified, which makes it absolutely safe for a long time.5 Beauty Heads:

1: Large circular head: strong suction, remove blackhead, tighten and lift skin

2: small circle head: weak sucking, apply to the thin skin, tender skin, slightly allergic skin.Applied to somewhere sensitive

3: Oval beauty head: tighten the skin gently, improve the vitality of the skin, increase the elasticity

4: Red & Construction Ray head: The blue light: shrinking pores, the red light: skin rejuvenationTips while using:

The device is not suitable for closed blackheads

1. Place a hot towel on the face for 3-5 minutes to open the pores

2. Press the power button and start with the lowest intensity first

3. Sucking blackheads out is better with blackhead export fluid

4. Hold and move it back and forth, 1-2 minutes MAX is recommended when you use it for the first time

5. Do not stay in the same place for more than 3 seconds, an application should not last more than 15 minutes

6. The face gets worse before it gets better! But it’s worth it! Please tolerate light spots or directions

7. Dry skin: it is recommended to use once a week. Oily skin: it is recommended to use twice a weekQ&A

1. Question:
Does it permanently remove blackheads? Or do they come again and again?
Of course, these come again and again, blackheads can not permanently remove it, blackheads arise so by “blockage” of the pores, you can reduce this, in addition to the use of the device thoroughly cleans the face.

2. Question:
Is it possible to use the blackhead remover for the whole face?
Yes, this blackhead remover has 5 different removable beauty heads, you can choose different beauty heads on different face part.

Additional information

Brand Name




Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Standard Voltage



Blackhead Remover

Model Number


Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Rated Voltage

5V Blackhead Vacuum Remover

Working Voltage

3.7V Acne Pore Cleaner

Rate Output

2.2W Black Spots Face Cleaning

Net Weight

153g Portable Black Point Vacuum

Package Weight

385g Stand-up Design Blackhead Cleaner


165 x 40mm Black Dots Remover


ABS Environmental Plastic

Feature 5

spot remover

Feature 1

whitehead remover

Feature 2

blackhead remover

Feature 3

Stand-up Base Design Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Feature 4

pore cleaner

Mode 1

Extract Blackhead for Oil Skin

Mode 2

Remove Blackhead for Normal Skin

Mode 3

Eliminate Black Dots for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Mode 4

Blue Light – Anti-inflammatory sterilization

Mode 5

Red Light – Tender and Whiten Skin

49 reviews for Blackhead Remover Vacuum for Pore Cleaning

    4 October 2021
    Packed very well. The box is whole and without Damage. I have not printed or tested yet.
    19 September 2021
    It came quickly, very stylish design, everything is in branded packaging!
    16 September 2021
    14 September 2021
    Delivered quickly by express delivery to the point of issue. Packed perfectly. Looks very presentable. Everything works. Pores clean very well. Shines in two modes-blue and red.
    10 September 2021
    Works perfectly I recommend
    3 September 2021
    Rien a dire
    31 August 2021
    The product complies with the description.
    21 August 2021
    Girls suck very powerful, straight collects fat from the skin. I overstepped in some places, as much as they remained, but I did not steam my face, I decided to just try it at once. Shipping fast. Seller Thank you
    6 August 2021
    A good device, there is not enough only a thin nozzle)) the rest are all similar to themselves, I would say the same. Suction force is good. Cleans well. It's all well packed. There is a time indicator.
    5 August 2021
    Not very much pulls. But in general, everything is fine. It came quickly
    27 July 2021
    All norms
    22 July 2021
    Excellent. Works. Packing is good. Delivery quickly in Moscow 3 days standard.
    22 July 2021
    Order received. perfectly packed. have not tried yet, but looks a quality thing
    19 July 2021
    Fast shipping and good quality I recommend
    18 July 2021
    Once sweet.
    12 July 2021
    Good quality.
    12 July 2021
    OK OK
    10 July 2021
    I make them a facial massage
    4 July 2021
    Everything came very quickly, packed normally. Now about the goods. You need to use it neatly, and it is desirable that in the next couple of days you did not plan to go out into the light, as you can do bruises with unaccustomed. And when you work does not hurt, but then everything is blue in a couple of hours. About efficiency-so-so, I thought it would be better, but perhaps these are individual features. So you can try, but do not expect miracles)
    25 June 2021
    As it describes good quality
    20 June 2021
    The product arrived fast and well packed. For best results needed use cloth for 10 to 15 minutes to dilate pores before use device Remover blackheads. Fats yellowish's superficial layers left quite early. But with 3 months use and so far not seen results regarding the removals of nails, because the product promises remove the "Blackheads" that are the blackheads staying in deeper layer skin.
    15 June 2021
    The thing superskaya really liked, it cleans the face well, I liked it. Seller recommend. Everything came very fast
    14 June 2021
    A good device, everything works fine, came quickly
    13 June 2021
    It works very well, it's only a matter of knowing how to use it, I 've only used it one occasion, but it works perfectly. Comes with 5 heads, one of them for massaging, has spare parts of filters and packaging, features red led light to smooth expression lines, blue to minimize acne
    8 June 2021
    Fast delivery, everything works.
    8 June 2021
    There's no proof, but the box has come in condition.
    3 June 2021
    Amazing והגיע speed flash within one week
    28 May 2021
    Great product, works very well it's crazy the result. I am very happy with my purchase. Learn to use it and read the leaflet well otherwise you risk hurting. If we follow the instructions well they are super effective.
    26 May 2021
    Works pretty… Nevertheless price quality is ok
    26 May 2021
    Very happy with the products, very fast shipping!
    19 May 2021
    It came very quickly. Brought the courier. One minus no instruction in Russian language
    17 May 2021
    Îmi place mult, curată bine. This nevoie de deschis porii înainte de utilizare. To ajuns în timpul presupus. Recomandat
    14 May 2021
    Ku-Ku, eptya, 2 days delivery to Poland, this is paradise, I will describe everything as in the Bible, top box, top material, I will not try,,,
    12 May 2021
    Fast and everything perfect
    10 May 2021
    The parcel came before the stated deadline. Looks like a quality product. For a gift, what you need!
    9 May 2021
    Crazy suction
    9 May 2021
    To Latvia in 20 days, which is very fast, but we can not say anything else yet. We will try, we will add a review
    5 May 2021
    Think was the first purchase, with lightning delivery, will try to feel the precision product, as the delivery if I could give 100 stars arrived with 2 days
    5 May 2021
    Came well packed. Everything works fine.
    4 May 2021
    Amazing result. I advise to buy it!
    3 May 2021
    It really works, so happy at the moment, I have it recently.
    1 May 2021
    Shipping very fast. Very good device, I'm delighted with it. I totally recommend it. I love it.
    30 April 2021
    Cool thing! Very strong. 100% quality. Recommend. Delivery 3 days in hands.
    30 April 2021
    Everything is perfect and faster, now you have to try it
    29 April 2021
    Super. Everything works clearly
    27 April 2021
    It came quickly. Everything is beautifully packed. In fact, I did not try yet.
    24 April 2021
    Amazing, I love it, it works great!
    19 April 2021
    If it is correct, it works very well I have been testing it for 5 days intercalated and really cleanses the skin, recommended. I advise using vaporizer on the face before to open pores.
    19 April 2021

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