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KERUI 720P 1200P WIFI Endoscope Camera Mini Waterproof Inspection Camera 8mm USB Borescope Endoscope For Cars Android IOS


1. 1600*1200 High resolution CMOS camera.

(If taking video, the Resolution will be had some effect , generally it is 640*480P, because Smooth picture will reduce Resolution , thanks for your great understanding !)

2. Wireless WiFi connection, easy to connect and use.

3. 8 LED lights, brightness adjustable.

4. IP67 Waterproof design.

5. Mini size, light weight, portable use.

6. Compatible with iOS / Android / Windows / Mac systems.

7. With a suction cup to facilitate the installation of WiFi devices on the phone or other places on the surface flat back.

8. WiFi device built-in 500mAh battery can be 45 minutes, through the 5V power supply to work.

9. Support for camera and video recording phone.

Notice(Reading Carefully)

  1. This model endoscope is not compatible with Samsung phones.
    2. If the wifi connection is always intermittent, please check whether the battery is low.
    3. It is 1600*1200 when works on mobile phone, and 1280*720 when works on PC.
    4. The best distance for the endoscope to observe the target is 2-5cm. If you feel that the pixels are not clear enough, please adjust the distance within this range.
The best focal length is 2-5 cm.
Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera


Waterproof And 8mm Diameter Camera

This endoscope can be suitable for various types of environment, for example, low-light or dark area, damp or wet area etc.

Waterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

See Everywhere In Detail

1200P camera offers you a wonderful experience of recording a clear close range HD video

Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera
Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

The Wifi Endoscope Compatible With iOS / Android / Windows / Mac systems

It can be easily connected with your smartphone via WIFI. The only thing you need to do is to download and install the compatible APP.

Waterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

8 Adjustable Blue LED Light

8 adjustable led lights greatly help to improve image brightness and clarity even in dark or low-light condition.

Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

One-click to take photo

Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

Various Accessories

The mirror, magnetic and hook, made of the premium materials from the same place as the endoscope ,will be a utility and helpful tool to shoot the trouble you detect in the gloomy environment.

Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera
The difference between hard cable and soft cable.
Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera
About the resolution, if you buy 1200P, then you can choose the highest resolution is 1600*1200.
If you buy 720P, then you can choose the highest resolution is 1280*720.
Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera
FAQ (Please read these carefully before ordering)
Q1: Why the picture is not clear ?
A1: Please kindly adjust the focus distance , the best Observation of our this WiFi endoscope is 2-5 cm , when you watch the image please do not move the lens and this endoscope with 8 LED lights , when you used area is dark , please adjust the led lights to the max !
Q2: Why I open the APP, but without any picture ?
A2: Please kindly noted when scanning QR code to download APP , you need to choose the right version ,for iphone choose IOS , for smartphone cellphone choose Android version. And please kindly confirm if connect WiFi successfully !
Q3: What is the long distance on wifi can be connected ?
A3 : 10m
Q4 : Does this endoscope can used in water ?
A4: Yes. This endoscope can be used in water , the time generally supports 10-15 minutes. We suggest you use it in water used a waterproof cap. And this waterproof cap is not with glass, it is with glass on the lens , if on waterproof cap with glass , then it will cause picture not clear , hope you can understand !
Q5 : What is the Resolution on the endoscope ?
A5 : There are 640*480, 1280*720,1920*1080, 1600*1200 can be chosen. If you buy 720P then the highest resolution is 1280*720.
Q6 : What is the Hard cable ? and what is the different on soft cable ?
A6 : Semi-rigid cable can bend and hold it’s shape to access a wide variety of confined place to meet with different using needs.
1200P WiFi Endoscope
Waterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

Package Included:

1 x WiFi endoscope with WiFi box

1 x small hook

1 x magnet

1 x side audition

1 x mirror

1 x Manual

720P WiFi Endoscope
Waterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini CameraWaterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

Package Included:

1x WiFi endoscope with WiFi box
1x small hook
1x magnet
1x side audition
2x silicone Sucker

1x mirror
1x manual

If you still worry the WiFi endoscope can not match your phone, please click the picture below to buy the 4.3 inch Endoscope Camera. DON’T need Mobile Phone and WiFi.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 5 cm
Brand Name




Wire Type

Hard Wire

Lens (mm)


Plug Type

CN Plug

Model Number

WIFI Endoscope


endoscope camera

LED Quanlity

8pcs Adjustable white LED Endoscope

Feature 1

WIFI Endoscope

Feature 2

IOS Endoscope

Feature 3

Endoscope for Iphone

Feature 4

USB Endoscope

Feature 5


Focal length

2-5 CM


1/2/3.5/5/7/10 meters



14 reviews for Waterproof Endoscope Mini Camera

    13 July 2024
    The goods to Irkutsk came in 11 days. Well packed. The quality of wires and plastic is good. Connected by the app inscam quickly. I could not adjust the image quality, in my opinion it's not HD... although I put a maximum on the resolution...
    13 July 2024
    Before Volgograd, the courier brought in 36 hours. It's a record. The endoscope itself is normal, norms. People fight on the app, but XS why is a common app. Can people bomb that it runs in Chinese? So the language changes to English in the first paragraph under the six
    12 July 2024
    Well packed, good appearance and very full. Arrived super fast, 3 days to Portugal. When experience give feedback.
    11 July 2024
    Very fast. Just 2 days between the purchase and delivery. Feather picture quality very weak.
    10 July 2024
    Delivery very fast, working right, I liked. Will test more and let additional feedback.
    10 July 2024
    Very good quality. I like it . Thank you.You good
    9 July 2024
    Good product model 1200p good quality, also works directly connected to mobile with a usb/usb Type-C converter. Fast delivery in 3 days
    7 July 2024
    Work very well…
    5 July 2024
    Super mašinka. Perfektne funguje. Dosah je cez 10m.
    5 July 2024
    Excellent product, very good, easy installation, recommend
    4 July 2024
    USB Type-c female to male connector, 3,1 charging test, USB C female, 3.0a male USB hard drive converter for Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei
    3 July 2024
    Most, it works, but must first all try. Shipping was quickly. eu
    3 July 2024
    Doesnt feel sturdy, but what can you expect for this price. Just dont drop it from 2 meters or higher. Camera wire is Decent, Its flexibel so it will make a turn. But you cant realy push on it(bought the soft cable, so thats to be expected). WiFi works well. Didnt have my phone further then 1.5m away from the wifi sender. All in all good for the price €12,87.
    1 July 2024
    Excellent product and delivery speed!

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