Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

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Main Features:

High cleaning frequency: max 31,000 times/min
Help to improve scientific brushing habit: intelligently shake to remind you to change brushing area, and automatically turn off while reaching 2 minutes ( a suggested the best brushing period )
Round brushing head + arc brushing surface: avoid hurt, deep cleaning includes dead corner
IPX7 full body waterproof level for direct washing
About 25 days durationsonic electric toothbrush

3 vibration modes: 31,000 times/min, 27,000 times/min, alternate vibration every minute
RPM: 31,000 times/min or 27,000 times/minelectric toothbrush, smart recharge toothbrush

Battery Information: 700mAh,Charging Time: 16h work timesonic toothbrush


SOOCAS had changed the brand name from “SOOCAS SO WHITE” to “SOOCAS PINJING”, But the product is the same. During this period, maybe you will receive one of them,

All is ok, please don’t worry.

SOOCASPINJINGEX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

31000 times/min wave|50g light-weight body|lasting use 25 days|3 cleaning mode
3 Whiten Cleaning Mode

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Standard mode: 31,000 vibrations per minute, deep cleansing of teeth, suitable for most people.

Soft mode: 27,000 vibrations per minute for people with sensitive gums or first time using electric toothbrushes.
Massage mode: alternate vibrations at different frequencies every minute, gently massage the gums, healthy teeth.

Scientific reminder

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Scientific reminder:

The oral cavity is divided into four areas, which are cleaned every 30 seconds, automatically stopped for one second every 30 seconds

automatically stopped after 2 minutes, and remember the last mode.

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Adopt American DuPont bristles, moderate hardness, and the top of the bristles is rounded and smooth to prevent abrasion of the gums.

The brush head is designed with soft rubber, To Avoid hurting your mouth when you brush your teeth.

Give your oral a SPA, Enjoy White Teeth

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

31000 vibrations per minute, It not only can clean the tooth surface with high efficiency, also can form sound wave flow cleaning force,

deep brushing dead angle, deep cleaning teeth.

25 Days Duration

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

USB wireless charge base, easy used.

Full charging can be used for about 25 days.
Use twice a day, two minutes each time, once fully charged, about 25 days can be used.
IPX7 waterproof, the whole body can be washed

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Product weight: 0.5000 kg
Package weight: 0.6000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 3.70 x 9.90 x 25.40 cm / 1.46 x 3.9 x 10 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 4.00 x 10.20 x 25.80 cm / 1.57 x 4.02 x 10.16 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Electric Toothbrush, 1 x Toothbrush Base, 1 x Chinese Manual

Additional information

Brand Name


Commodity Quality Certification


Age Group



Electric Toothbrush

Item Type

Electric Toothbrush


Acoustic Wave

Model Number

Soocas so white EX3 PINJING


ABS raw material + Alluminum Alloy


1Pcs / 2Pcs


wireless rechargeable

feature 1

waterproof / IPX7


Toothbrush electric

Type 1

Sonic tooth brush


IPX7 full body waterproof

Feature 2

Dental Hygiene


About 25 days duration


keep tooth beauty and healthy

suit for

first electric toothbrush for you

Feature 3

escova de dente eletrica

Feature 4

cepillo de dientes eléctr…

Feature 5

escova de dente

for brazil new user

12 usd code SOOCAS12

brush for

for xiaomi youpin

Feature 6

electric toothbrush ultrasonic

Feature 7

ultrasonic automatic toothbrush

90 reviews for Rechargeable Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

    14 October 2021
    Everything works.
    9 October 2021
    6 October 2021
    Super cool brush! I ordered a child.... There is no limit to happiness)))
    4 October 2021
    Instead of pink came a white case, but the toothbrush is good
    1 October 2021
    Good toothbrush. The quality of the plastic and the manufacture of the brush itself is simply excellent, there is no sticking Burr on the seams, there is no unpleasant smell, the plastic is pleasant to the touch to The bristles of the brush head are soft, the teeth do not scratch, but the surface area is twice as small as the usual brush. At the maximum operating mode of unpleasant sensations is not like ultrasonic cleaning in the dentist, just vibration and everything. It's unpleasant if the plastic hits the teeth, then because of the vibration knocks on the teeth. Cleans very well, but because of the small area of the bristles it is necessary to get used to the cheek. Came a brush in the original package already charged. She's worth her money.
    28 September 2021
    Somehow unusual and tickle. How well cleans it is difficult to say, time will show, but everything works and delivery is fast
    19 September 2021
    Delivery to Moscow in 20 days. Brush cool, pleasant.
    19 September 2021
    I take it a second time. Great brush
    15 September 2021
    The castle came early. The goods are pre-war.
    14 September 2021
    Nice brush. Comfortable, light. Cleans a little worse soocas 3, but also costs several times cheaper.
    14 September 2021
    The brush was delivered by The Courier. In St. Petersburg came quickly. The design is minimalist, well, I need to have a hole. The main thing is that it cleans well. Came by the way charged. Now I will order nozzles about the stock. Someone in the Reviews wrote that it's not Xiaomi, so, it's still Xiaomi, more precisely its soocas subbrand. If meet soocas, Mija, Yi, MI, Redmi, Poco, then know: These are all Xiaomi subbrands.
    14 September 2021
    The toothbrush is great. Miniature and pleasant in the hand. Packing is weak. Pupyrki for reliability would not interfere with ADD. I'm lucky, I came safe, but someone may not lead!
    13 September 2021
    Brushes came very late, twice extended the period of issue of the order. Was supposed to come 03.09 and came today 13.09 To be honest, I did not expect the order to come. But 2 days ago came a notification from IML, and today came the courier. Here this moment of delivery was pleased. Brushes vibrate, charging works, it has not been possible to try yet.
    13 September 2021
    I bought a child for 7 years. Very conveniently vibrates 30 seconds 4 intervals. On sale for 9.7 $
    10 September 2021
    Excellent fast delivery by courier, on Saturday ordered on Friday already delivered to Kaluga. The brush corresponds to the photo according to the reviews, the working but not quite charged the red indicator lights, all modes work. Control intuitive. after using the review will be complemented
    9 September 2021
    Great brush. At low frequency mode, elderly parents approached.
    8 September 2021
    Delivery 2 weeks. Packing whole. Brushes work.
    7 September 2021
    Came very quickly, excellent toothbrushes
    7 September 2021
    Second time I buy, I'm happy with the product, I came fast
    7 September 2021
    That's a great thing. The battery holds for a long time, charges quickly. 3 Speed
    3 September 2021
    Delivered to the north of the Sverdlovsk region in 9 days. He took it at the extradition office.
    3 September 2021
    Not yet used, but everything came in perfect condition, 3 weeks before Minsk
    1 September 2021
    Very fast and high quality. Everything works at the highest level. Price quality 110% thank you
    1 September 2021
    I like it!
    31 August 2021
    In Kiev waited 3 weeks, I use it for a week without recharging. A good option, but the villi are rude after using the curapex. There are 3 modes of vibration, strong (not comfortable, like a drill) medium (clean on it) and pulsating (did not understand the jokes in it). The place takes a little, just more than the usual brush, I liked it. + The cover is also good, well, and + 2 interchangeable heads.
    31 August 2021
    Good toothbrush. It has harder brush heads than t100, but brush heads have silicon cover around plastic, so there are no hits on tooths. One more con is that can only stay in a charger or glass or it can lay at the shelf
    30 August 2021
    Description corresponds, delivered within a week to the Saratov region. Three modes, convenient charging. Purchase satisfied
    29 August 2021
    Nice brush. With all coupons and promotional codes came out 800 (brush + 2 nozzles)
    27 August 2021
    Good Goods, delivery
    27 August 2021
    I'll lock it up. The front of us with a cholovik served the better Rock
    25 August 2021
    Not the first brush, I like it! Took on sale for 750r.
    19 August 2021
    Great toothbrushes. Very convenient for baby
    19 August 2021
    Great toothbrush.
    15 August 2021
    Excellent! Great quality and working perfectly!
    12 August 2021
    Top for my money)) in a word, I'm not an expert, TK this is my first acquaintance with El toothbrush, but in comparison with a brush for dinosaurs, I will win. How convenient to use it,
    12 August 2021
    Very cool brush, four nozzles, perfectly brushes teeth, the quality is super.
    10 August 2021
    The order came in three days to the delivery point in the Moscow region. I am pleased.
    10 August 2021
    Delivery to Moscow 4 days))) the courier brought straight home! For the first time such a miracle! Used 2 days, convenient, charged quickly. As long as all like
    7 August 2021
    Thank you. I'm buying a second brush. Quality at altitude!!!
    7 August 2021
    Came in 2 weeks, cleans perfectly. All like it
    5 August 2021
    Everything is fine!
    4 August 2021
    Fast delivery, quality product
    2 August 2021
    Took on the stock, it came very quickly. We check the quality and complement the review.
    2 August 2021
    Very cool brush, I recommend
    29 July 2021
    Convenient brushes, came already charged. Not very quickly infected, but it does not irritate.
    28 July 2021
    I took it out of curiosity. Cleans better than a standard brush. Until he fully charged for the night, the red LED lit up. I recommend it to everyone. Hi from Kemerovo
    25 July 2021
    Everything is fine, I recommend to buy
    24 July 2021
    Everything came on time. Packed in blister, everything works.
    20 July 2021
    My first electric brush. Hope will not break in 2 weeks. I'll brush her teeth and add a tip.
    18 July 2021
    The order came in 21 days. Instruction in Chinese only. Three cleaning modes. Comes with a USB cord, and there is no power supply. The toothbrush was already loaded. USB-cord checked, serviceable. Compare the effect after cleaning with nothing, this is my first electric toothbrush. The only thing I can note, the vibration from it is strong, you need to get used to it. But according to my feelings cleans much better than the usual toothbrush, the enamel of the teeth to the touch is more smooth.
    18 July 2021
    Brush of medium rigidity. zarchka from yusb. The brush head is very small as in baby brushes.
    15 July 2021
    A good brush, I use the same for almost a year, I ordered my wife.
    15 July 2021
    For 1950r norms I believe. I buy a second time. 2 brushes, 2 pairs of spare nozzles and a cover.
    14 July 2021
    11 July 2021
    Excellent toothbrushes for their cost. Of course, the model x3u is more focused. But. EX3 is quite enough
    9 July 2021
    Delivery to Krasnoyarsk is fast. Packed medium, but everything came working and alive. Brush quality, light, conveniently lies in the hand. The bristle is soft. The head of the brush is small, which makes it possible to comfortably brush far teeth. Three modes of operation: standard, moderate and massage. Seller recommend.
    8 July 2021
    Delivered in 5 days, the courier brought home.
    6 July 2021
    I have such a toothbrush for six months, now I bought my mother. Everything works. Shipping fast. Thank you. Ultrasonic toothbrush. Color pink. Five nozzles. Three modes of operation-intensive, weak and massage. After cleaning Super effect and feeling of purity.
    6 July 2021
    Damaged packing and goods. The return is issued quickly.
    5 July 2021
    Everything is fine, at its best. While I did not open, if there are problems, I will complement the review.
    30 June 2021
    We came quickly, in a week in Moscow. Packing without damage
    29 June 2021
    Brushes reached Moscow in about 5 days. Took judging by the reviews. Clean normal
    22 June 2021
    All delivered very quickly, received in the office Ozon, until I tested the feedback I will add after the time of use, I hope I will not be disappointed
    20 June 2021
    Great brush. Bought two and 4 tips. Arrived in 12 days. Seller answer messages. Buy again for my parents.
    8 June 2021
    Got very quickly, I order the second time this time and plus two nozzles, everything is fine, the brush ordered for a gift, as it showed itself very cool
    6 June 2021
    I ordered in two colors to myself and my husband. Cool brush, delivery fast.
    31 May 2021
    This is the fastest delivery! grade!
    28 May 2021
    Fast delivery to Israel. Works very well. Timer every half minute to switch sides 2 minutes Total Total Brushing. Comes with charger and takes several hours to charge, The battery lasts about two weeks maybe longer. I bought 2 sets with 2 heads each costing about $ 14 per set. Highly recommend
    28 May 2021
    Sent quickly, the package is really shabby, but okay. I took it not myself, I do not know how it works.
    26 May 2021
    Sent quickly. It came in whole, I did not check the work yet.
    26 May 2021
    Everything is well packed, it came for 5!! Days
    24 May 2021
    Works, 6 days before Tver.
    23 May 2021
    Good brush, I liked it.
    14 May 2021
    Excellent! good quality! Very satisfied
    9 May 2021
    Works fine
    3 May 2021
    Chegou aaa foi tudo bem gente coisa mais linda
    1 May 2021
    Beyond that, already had the model top, soccas X3, after about 3 years unfortunately she stopped working and decided to purchase a model more basic and really liked, despite feeling that she is a bit weaker than the X3, But it not influence performance since still feel my teeth well cleaned and still is nicer with the gums. Found a most interesting option that the Oral B found in Brazil.
    30 April 2021
    Zamovlennyam Duge zadoveniy good vibir for nevisoku reception, I recommend
    28 April 2021
    Good to use. long time delivery
    27 April 2021
    Come quickly. Packing normal. Nothing's broken. Plastic as plastic, do not know that it is praised. Brushing teeth is nice. On the first (without recharging from the package) charge worked 2 weeks. Take it. You won't.
    26 April 2021
    Delivery in Russia IML. No complaints! I take the brush of this company for the second time, now as a gift) I think that the ultrasound here very By the way cleans very well, applying at the same time a minimum of effort Advise
    25 April 2021
    I use the second day. The feeling that the cleaner teeth were only after pro-cleaning) so far, everything is like! Delivery is very fast.
    25 April 2021
    Kind packed, good quality. Recommend.
    24 April 2021
    Cool, convenient, and practical brush. Delivery by courier directly to the hands.
    23 April 2021
    Excellent toothbrush, three modes of operation
    22 April 2021
    The brush is good, charging lasts for a long time. Turns off after 2 minutes, if strongly Press to the teeth begins to intermittent vibrate. I would like a stand for it, I can not put it in a glass with others, because the water gets into it and the charging plug from below. Otherwise, everything is fine.
    21 April 2021
    The brush is good. Shipping fast.
    20 April 2021
    Delivery is fast, only 20 days to Belarus. The brush is interesting, it will be necessary to get used to vibration :). Recommendations)
    18 April 2021
    This tooth brush offers a very good and strong motor! I was very impressed because of the price they were offering this. Two things of note: The vibration is very good and strong. The battery also lasts a long time, I have been using for 2.5 weeks now twice a day and I have not needed to charge the battery! Bristles are soft right out of the box. Highly recommend this product!
    18 April 2021
    I like it very much, it arrived in less than a month in Peru

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