Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

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Xiaomi Mijia Electric Razor Shaver 2 Floating Head
Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver adopts the 360-degree floating system and 2 blades. It can adapt to various facial contours and leave no stubble in the corner. The dicyclic knife net design and the waterproof characteristic give users a better shave experience.
2 blades, 360-degree float shaving
Dicyclic knife net and dicyclic blade
Acceleration gear, deep cleansing
7200m / minute cutting speed
IPX7 waterproof
Built-in lithium battery, charge for 2 hours and run for 90 minutes
Material: steel
Product model: MSX201
Waterproof rating: IPX7
Product size: 56*30*87mm
Charging method: Type-c charging
Input: 5V-1A
Charging time: full about 2 hours
Rated power: 2W
Life time: about 90 minutes
Packing list:
Type-c charging cable*1
Carry bag*1

User manual*1

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

Independent floating double blade for comfortable shaving experience
The whole prodoct can be washed, shaved while bathing, silent motor, and comfortable to hold.
TYPE-C charging, small and portable.

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

IPX 7 waterproof, whole body wash, dry and wet double shaving.

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge and about 90 minutes. If you use it for 1 minute every day, you can use it for 3 months.

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

Double-loop elastic knife net for faster and more comfortable shaving.

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver
Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

The whole prodoct can be washed, shaved while bathing,
ECM electrochemical processing technology, the knife net is smooth and more comfortable.

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

Fully charged for 3 months to solve the trouble of charging during the journey.

Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

Separable shaver for easy white removal.

Portable Floating Head Electric ShaverPortable Floating Head Electric ShaverPortable Floating Head Electric ShaverPortable Floating Head Electric Shaver

Shaver head disassembly instructions
Remove the cutter head by holding the cutter head up.
The cutter head is pressed vertically against to complete the installation.

Portable Floating Head Electric ShaverPortable Floating Head Electric ShaverPortable Floating Head Electric Shaver

Additional information

Brand Name


Power Type







Twin Blade

With trimming device




Charging Time


Usage Time


Washing Mode

Whole body washing

Item Type

Electric Shaver


Global Universal(100-240V)

Model Number

Xiaomi MSX201




IPX7 Waterproof



78 reviews for Portable Floating Head Electric Shaver

    7 October 2021
    All OK, thanks)
    5 October 2021
    4 October 2021
    The razor is tiny, but for traveling the most it. The shave is quite clean, the hairs do not pull. A fabric bag instead of a cover. Of the shortcomings-a very fragile cover on the blades, but in general a good thing.
    4 October 2021
    It came in 5 days. It's great, it's clean as a machine, but my bristles are not very hard. For a month I charged once, I shave in a day or two. Nice little razor.
    29 September 2021
    Nice razor! It's a great shave! Compact
    26 September 2021
    Good product
    26 September 2021
    All Hood
    24 September 2021
    All is well, it came quickly to Moscow
    22 September 2021
    Tried, log
    21 September 2021
    Came charged, even tried to shave, seemed to shave softer than enchen black stone 3.
    20 September 2021
    The goods are real, delivery in 3 days by courier to the house. On the quality of shaving until I can not answer with confidence. The razor itself is executed stylishly like all Xiaomi.
    20 September 2021
    It came very quickly, looks good, very lying, until I experienced, but I think an excellent razor for hiking and traveling
    20 September 2021
    It's not very clean, maybe I have not enough experience, I'm used to a regular machine shave. Large hitina shoots without problems
    19 September 2021
    Works, for a teenager what you need
    14 September 2021
    Delivered in 4 days. It's shaving norms. Can take
    11 September 2021
    16 days to Primorye. Packing norms. You can take it for a gift, everything came.
    10 September 2021
    Delivery is fast, the goods correspond to the description
    9 September 2021
    Nice razor! Shipping fast. It logs well, there is a second razor it periodically grabs the hair, this one is still super!!!
    9 September 2021
    The parcel came in 6 days. Very good razor.
    8 September 2021
    Delivery Och. fast! It's not weird, but it's shaving. Works quietly, the engine is weak! Under the cheekbones will have to drive. Does not shave to the end. I tried only on dry! In principle, its money is worth. For business trips etc. Great option.
    7 September 2021
    A normal compact razor, he would not say that it was very good, Sho-it was similar from Brown on the battery once, it served 10 years, of course, it was. But also will go, you can shave anywhere, but for full quality shaving for 20 minutes.
    7 September 2021
    Came quickly, checked, works. We're going to be leaking.
    7 September 2021
    It logs for a long time, for every day it will be weak. Once I wanted to shave my armpits, so the razor there scratched everything. Does not cope with rough long bristles
    2 September 2021
    Shipping fast. The razor itself corresponds to the description. It's a clean, hard bristle. Wet Shave is generally a fairy tale. Includes a cord for charging and a cover. If there are disadvantages in the process, I will complement the review
    29 August 2021
    The razor is good, I liked it. The box came crumpled, but the razor did not suffer.
    29 August 2021
    Thank you! All OK!
    27 August 2021
    Took it in five. Shipping fast. The razor itself is normal, but Cho that irritation went after it.
    26 August 2021
    Very fast delivery by courier. The razor is good, high-quality, original, but the blades are blunt, does not cut the hair from the first time.
    23 August 2021
    Came quickly, charged in a bag.
    20 August 2021
    Bribed the presence of a USB-C port, because. I have a lot of things on it since recently. The razor itself is shaving perfectly. If you stop, you can even earn irritation of the skin, but for that it is quite a rough skin, shaved clean. The result is impressive. There is a protective cover that protects the razor from flooding. The lid opens easily. On IPX7 did not check: I do not see the need. The goods are satisfied. Is it worth your money I do not know, because. My first electric shaver. And so, in general, the Narian.
    14 August 2021
    It came in less than a day. Record delivery time. The shave is great
    12 August 2021
    31 July 2021
    Great razor! The shave is excellent & clean, the hair does not pull at all. Delivery is also mega fast, the blades are sharp, until they are blunt.
    31 July 2021
    Excellent quality, instant delivery!
    28 July 2021
    I came quickly. The box is a little crumpled. There's everything inside.
    21 July 2021
    Just a bomb, for its price is better not really, took as the main razor, the swing of shaving GA level.
    16 July 2021
    Came very quickly. The quality is excellent. Recommend
    12 July 2021
    Excellent razor, delivery fast!
    12 July 2021
    Very cool thing, I did not expect such an efect. I stick Braun 7 series, and this machine is 10 times cheaper and it does not shave a gram is not worse, but it's even better on the neck. Recommend
    6 July 2021
    It came fast enough. I did not check the characteristics.
    3 July 2021
    Delivery 7 days, came charged, everything works. I will, I will.
    2 July 2021
    Super express.
    27 June 2021
    Ordered. We'll deliver it. It came less CHKM in a week at the cash register Pyaterochka. Quality, beautifully packed. The shave smoothly, well, does not cling, does not feel, compact. Advise. Completeness as in the photo. Mija. Quiet.
    24 June 2021
    Excellent portable razor, allow dry and wet shaving, works quietly, the charge keeps well
    23 June 2021
    The order came quickly, all the way tracked in the application "Post of Russia", everything works. I haven't tried shaving yet. Thank you.
    23 June 2021
    Good product, meets my expectations.
    16 June 2021
    Ordered 13.06 .... Got 16.06, in Mo Full set, even "buzzing"... ))) in the case has not tried yet. But there are enough reviews about this.
    15 June 2021
    The order came quickly, everything works.
    14 June 2021
    A good razor, the charge is enough for a long time, I recommend it to everyone
    14 June 2021
    The product fully corresponds to the description. Delivered to Altai Territory in 26 days. Seller recommend.
    13 June 2021
    I bought it as a gift, so I can not describe it in operation
    9 June 2021
    The product is advertised on the site, Vedendor is reliable.
    8 June 2021
    All as it is! The flight is normal, it works from the box, it is charged. Like it.
    7 June 2021
    The goods came quickly, in 10 days. The razor takes well, it works quietly. If you have bristles not like a boar, then you can take the goods.
    31 May 2021
    I’ve been using this shaver for last week and I’m very satisfied. It takes daily stubble very well. Does not irritate my skin. Easy to use
    30 May 2021
    Very good arrived fast
    24 May 2021
    Very Good ! Thank You !
    24 May 2021
    The razor came a week before UFA. Not afraid of water.
    20 May 2021
    I got it for 5 days, it works, I have not tried it yet.
    19 May 2021
    12.05 ordered 20.05 took from podentist Ufa. breet excellent.
    17 May 2021
    Everything is fine! Brought directly to the office 10 days before Syktyvkar
    17 May 2021
    I liked it very much, I shave in a day. I like more than a machine, shaved 10 times with foam, until I charged.
    15 May 2021
    I came very quickly. Works well, while satisfied.
    13 May 2021
    Very quickly delivered. Very compact. It's a soft shave. Very satisfied!
    8 May 2021
    It quickly works clearly 5 zvedochka
    6 May 2021
    At first it seemed that the hair just withstands. But then he pressed it harder-it went well. It does not say to zero, to the touch there is a light bristle. The equipment is quite good: The cable is short, a bag for carrying and storing and a protective "cap", so as not to damage the blades. I did it in about a week, I bet more with finding out where to get an order. I had to call the courier services, it turned out that lies at the point of issue DPD.
    3 May 2021
    Works good
    30 April 2021
    Delivered to Moscow before the due date, 2 days after the order on Tmall. In general, the razor norms. You need to get used to it, I shave faster, I think. But in general, nothing, I will use it as the main, home. About the 5-day bristles I can not say anything, since I do not take 3 days later, in 10 days I shave 3 Times +/-. I recommend taking it.
    29 April 2021
    The product arrived in 2 weeks at my home in Chile. All in order, it looks high quality
    29 April 2021
    A good product, with a task copes)))
    27 April 2021
    Everything came normally only the only thing that took a very long time
    27 April 2021
    Received its parcel was sent to Kazakhstan for a little more than a month all the whole not crumpled produvetsa recommend definitely recommend how it works will show time.
    24 April 2021
    A good razor, quite quickly managed the bristle in 1mm. Shaved on dry, if evenly press to the skin then the hair does not pull. Very light, the dimensions are small, you can easily take on the road. I was pleased.
    24 April 2021
    Fast delivery, very pleasant purchase.
    24 April 2021
    Comfortable, quiet, compact razor. It's a normal shave.
    22 April 2021
    Just got it. Delivery in a couple of days after the order. Not yet. Thank you)
    21 April 2021
    Delivery in Russia is fast, it logs very well, there is little noise (almost no). 5 *
    18 April 2021
    Excellent shave with foam, I will order my father

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