Kebidumei 4K High Gain HD DTV Box Digital TV Antenna

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1.light as a feather,allows you to place it anywhere and no power required
2.match your home decoration,can be easily behind a picture,bookshelf or television and easy to set up-Unwrap,Plug it in and scan channels can put it on the wall,on the table or the window(strongly recommended)and it will make you enjoy watching crystal clear digital&HD shows with many opportunities.

Set up guide:

step 1:connect the end(f-male)of attached coaxial cable to the ANT/IN connector on the back of the TV or DVB-Ttuner.
step 2:In the TV/’s setup menu,set the tuner mode to ”Antenna”or”Air”.for more detailed instructions,please refer to your TVmanual.
atep 3:In the Tv/’s setup menu,set TV to ”scan”for channels.this can sometimes be listed as auto-program,auto-scan,channel search or channel scan.consult the tv manual for detailed instructions.
step 4:if reception is sporadic,try moving the antenua to another location and rescanning the tv until optimal position is found.
step 5:fix the antenua at the optimal position you found.


1.placing the antenna higher or close to/in a window may result in better must rescan whenever you move the antenna.
2.if you use a flat HDTV,please go through your TV manual to make sure your TV comes with built-in tuner.
3.make sure you are using a HD recerive;otherwise no HD channels can be picked up. please read receiver manual. need to retune your TVs and digital receiver from time to ensure you are reseiving all available services.retuning takes only a few minites and can be done with your remote control.
5.TV reception capacity depends on the distance among your home,transmitting tower and surrounding environments.


1 * TV Antenna(without amplifier)



Additional information

Brand Name



about 3M


EU Plug

Frequency Range

HF(172-240Mhz) / UHF(470-860Mhz)



Function 2

Indooe TV Antenna

Function 1

Digital TV Antenna



Model Number

LNA Gain


44 reviews for Kebidumei 4K High Gain HD DTV Box Digital TV Antenna

    4 October 2022
    Works perfectly I'm too happy
    4 October 2022
    4 October 2022
    It looks ok now I just try it
    4 October 2022
    Reçu rapidement
    3 October 2022
    Excellent product, it is good quality and looks tough and tune very well, I recommend
    3 October 2022
    It's just like the picture. Easy installation. It took me 70 channels, but true that some look and others don't. For more efficiency I recommend buying an amplifier.
    2 October 2022
    Se ve bien. Coge todos los canales sin problema.
    1 October 2022
    It's come to me, now we have to try it and comment
    1 October 2022
    It works amazing, take a bunch of q channels I didn't know or q existed and that I didn't even stick to the xq Wall what do you think, give me an idea
    28 September 2022
    It works perfectly I had already bought and I bought more, it's worth even connecting a telvisor on a terrace. I recommend your purchase
    28 September 2022
    Ledatotally recommended
    28 September 2022
    Works ok, 6 weeks delivery, other than long delivery i'm happy with it.
    28 September 2022
    Delivery in 6 days product such as description without testing
    28 September 2022
    Arrival on time and works very well, it's the second time I buy them.
    28 September 2022
    I think q is the best buy q I have made in Ali, HD image improvement 100%
    28 September 2022
    She catches many channels and looks very happy with the product
    27 September 2022
    It works very well and is very finite the antenna.
    26 September 2022
    This is the second I buy, works properly.
    25 September 2022
    Great, really works, super indicate!
    23 September 2022
    Very fast delivery but yet to try it
    23 September 2022
    Delivered quickly! After connecting, I will add.
    22 September 2022
    The expected, it is missing to prove
    21 September 2022
    Perfect, I put it in the window and grab a bunch of channels, almost more than with the House antenna, I'll buy again!
    19 September 2022
    Arrived straight on time and working perfectly channels
    19 September 2022
    Received and packed well. working well for colombo. But not suitable for rural areas in sri lanka
    19 September 2022
    Hi good, it works correctly all channels if at first it doesn't work for you to reset the channels again the shipping in a week.
    19 September 2022
    At the moment everything is right, to see how it works, it looks discreet and takes up little space.
    17 September 2022
    It has arrived a week earlier than expected and perfectly packaged! As soon as you try, I will expand comments, thanks
    15 September 2022
    It's amazing I doubted buying it because I had bought an antenna almost equal to the Philips brand in the English cut for 39' 99 € and had to return it because I didn't take channels. After reading so many good comments I said I'm going to try and it's amazing he's caught a mouthful of canals it's hard to believe when he sees a piece of plastic. Purchase 100x100 recommended. I'll buy another one for another room again.
    15 September 2022
    Highly recommended! I read the comments and they were all good, so for 3 euros I bought it to provar, and the truth is great! Grab all channels, easy to install and super practical, take up little space. It looks like a scam because it's a very fine plastic but it works 100%! Recommended! Shipping put me in 7 days but it took 3 weeks but no problem! I 'd rather wait than pay more than 30 euros up elsewhere! Very happy!
    14 September 2022
    Fair is fair. With this antenna I have much better coverage than the sprietje that originally came with the tv sat. Do I have the idea that the more turns to the wire than the rectangular small plate.
    13 September 2022
    Fast deliver i hope its work
    12 September 2022
    Good result! Just like the video
    12 September 2022
    Well received the antenna works perfectly Thank you very much
    11 September 2022
    I still can't get it working, I'm gonna keep trying.
    11 September 2022
    It's very good. We haven't tried it yet but all very well
    10 September 2022
    The order arrived in only 7 days, it looks good to try it when I install it I will comment on how it works
    10 September 2022
    Received Today missing more than testing otherwise it is in line with my expectations
    9 September 2022
    It arrived in 29 days and is recommended to funcina well taking canals in Coquimbo region
    9 September 2022
    Not active, without an amplifier. With a weak signal, you need to buy a signal amplifier.
    9 September 2022
    Excellent! You have to look for the perfect place, which is not complicated either. I have about 55 channels in Spain, so I have everything with maximum quality. I recommend!
    7 September 2022
    It has arrived very quickly and is just like the picture in the photo. The only thing that barely catches me a couple of channels at the moment, I have to watch her see if I can find the exact point for her to pick up more.
    7 September 2022
    It works perfectly, the channels look great and it's super easy to install. I can't believe a plastic that thin and cheap does the function of an antenna. In my case I had to buy a 15-meter antenna and with this device I forgot the wires through the whole room. I certainly recommend it.
    5 September 2022

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