2020 new concept Hair straightener Iron Ceramic Straightening Corrugated Curling Iron Styling Tools Hair Curler

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ITEM 1: Parameters of Professional Plus (Pro Plus-Pink) Version

Voltage: International dual voltage (100~250V) Power: 45~50W Temperature Control: 120~200℃(250~400℉) Size: 280MMX30MM Power cord length: 1.8M Modeling time: less than 1 minute Color: Pink

ITEM 2: Parameters of Professional Plus ( Pro Plus-White ) Version

Product Size: 31CM*3.5CM Power: 45W Rated voltage: 100~240V Heating plate Size: 90X25MM Temperature Control: 100~230℃ (210~450℉) Heating plate Material: ceramic glaze coating Heating method: PTV Curve Heating Power Cord: 1.8M Color: White

ITEM 3: Parameters of Professional Version

Product Size: 31CM*3.5CM Power: 45W Rated voltage: 100~240V Heating plate Size: 100X25MM Temperature Control: 120~200℃ (250~400℉) Heating plate Material: ceramic glaze coating Heating method: PTV Curve Heating Power Cord: 1.8M Color: Pink/White

ITEM 4: Parameters of Partable Version

Voltage: International dual voltage (100~250V) Power: 30~50W Heating type: PTC constant temperature heating (180~200°C) Size: 190MMX30MM Power cord length: 1.5M Modeling time: less than 1 minute Color: Pink/Purple/Blue Note: 1、We will print different English letters on the product to show personalization. 2、The color of the power cord will be different for each batch!

Plug Standard &Packing standard

1. AU Plug;2. US plug;3. UK Plug;4. EU plug; Note: 1. The shape and color of the plug will be updated from time to time, we will not notify you, please know! 2. In order to benefit customers, we have packaging with and without boxes. The packaging without boxes is double-layer shockproof bubble bags, and the quality is guaranteed.

Item 1: The Features of Professional Plus ( Pro Plus-Pink) Version

Millions of negative ions, smoothing messy hair and improving hair damage

High frequency negative ions, eliminate static electricity, protect hair, make hair smooth and shiny

Floating splint to effectively catch hair and reduce hair damage

Adjust the angle according to the direction of the shape to provide the proper pressure to reduce hair pull and break.

Intelligent temperature control to find the temperature that best suits your hair quality.

120~140°C: suitable for soft hair; 140~160°C: Suitable for general hair quality; 160~180°C: suitable for rough hair; 180~200°C: Professional hair styling;

No operation for 60 minutes, automatic shutdown, effective protection of personal safety

The unique chip design technology can effectively maintain a constant temperature, avoid leakage, and provide effective short circuit protection.

ITEM 2: The Featrues of Professional Plus ( Pro Plus-White ) Version

1 hour automatic shutdown function, intelligent control, more convenient and safer.

Intelligent temperature control, find your own hair styling temperature, hair styling is more personalized.

1). 100~130°C suitable for damaged hair; 2).140~160°C suitable for soft hair; 3). 170~190°C suitable for normal delivery; 4). 200~230°C suitable for rough hair;

International safety standards can be used by pregnant women and children without harming the body.

Product Detail Presentation

The exclusive storage lock, one-button storage product, is more convenient to carry.

Item 3: The Features of Professional Version

Why do we design negative ion generators?

A typical hair straightener is applied to the hair by heat blowing, which tends to cause static electricity in the hair, and also causes the hair to be deformed or bent and tilted, which seems to be messy. The negative ion hair straightener solves this problem well. The negative ion generator can release a thousand million negative ions, quickly repair damaged hair, activate air oxygen atoms, neutralize the static electricity of the hair, and keep the hair longer.

One button start, intelligent temperature adjustment

200 degree precision temperature adjustment mode, suitable for a variety of hair, one styling.

APTC double heating -10 seconds rapid heating

Using high-quality APTC heating technology, 10 seconds of rapid heating, the styling does not need to wait

10 years of professional design is closer to real life

1. Front-end anti-scalding design Insulation shell to avoid direct contact with the high temperature molding area; 2. 3D floating clamp, it is easier to clamp the hair, and the shape is more convenient;

You can’t be a professional stylist because you lack a styling artifact

Item 4: The Features of Patable Version

1).Storage Lock; 2). Power Switch; 3).Anti-Scalding Shell; 4).Separate power cord interface; 5).Ceramic Glaze Panel;

Fast heating in 30 seconds, constant temperature at 200 ° C (400 ° F) for faster hair styling.

3D floating board technology, tightly closed to prevent hair damage and strain, protect your hair.

Sturdy transparent carrying case, exclusive storage lock, all designed to be easy to carry


1. What kind of express delivery do you send? We will choose different couriers according to your time requirements. Of course, different time and speed are related to the cost. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your choice of courier when placing an order. 2. When are you shipping? We have a stocking period, and this stocking period will have a certain time. When we ship, we will send you a text message at AliExpress. So please pay attention to your SMS in the AliExpress background. If you have any questions, please contact us. 3. What should I do if I want to return? If you need to return the product due to the quality of the product or other problems, please contact us in the AliExpress background. We will confirm your situation and give you different treatment options depending on the situation. Please rest assured that we will handle any of your problems responsibly.


Additional information

Weight 400.0 g
Dimensions 25.0 × 10.0 × 8.0 cm

Blue-Portable Box, Pink-Portable Box, Pink-Pro Plus-Box, Pink-Pro Plus-NoBox, Pink-Pro-Box, Pink-Pro-NoBox, Pink-Purple Box, White-Pro Plus-Box, White-Pro Plus-NoBox, White-Pro-Box, White-Pro-NoBox

Commodity Quality Certification


Plug standard


Dimensions Of Heating Plate


Applicable hair

Dry & wet

Power Source




Min. temperature

180 °C

Service life of thermal plate/bar

20-000-50-000 times

Product type

Hair curler/Hair straightener/Curling iron



Temperature Controller


Model Number


Diameter of thermal conductor

21-30 mm



Brand Name


Material of thermal plate/bar

Tourmaline ceramic


Multifunctional curler/straightener

Thermostat Adjustment Segments



100-240v (Dual voltage)

Max. temperature


Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode

360° Rotatable


Less than 25 W

Heating method


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